Will glasses continue to soar in intensity as soon as they are worn?
Time:2018-12-25 17:41:12

Many people are concerned that wearing myopia glasses can increase the degree of myopia, but experts suggest that the increase in degree of myopia is not related to wearing glasses, but rather to genetics and one's own eye habits.

The Meaning of Wearing Myopia Glasses

Originally, wearing glasses would not deepen myopia, but could effectively hinder or slow down the development of myopia. Because wearing glasses can eliminate binocular fatigue, in the absence of glasses, myopic eyes must squint to see distant objects, which can cause excessive muscle fatigue on the surface of the eyes and accelerate the development of myopia.

Additionally, wearing glasses can help prevent the onset of strabismus. People with myopia tend to experience strabismus due to less adjustment when looking closer, which weakens the function of their two eyes, leading to outward deviation of their eyes.

Why do some people wear glasses and their myopia really deepens?

The main factors are as follows:

Factor 1: After wearing glasses, one still does not pay attention to eye cleaning, which leads to an increase in myopia over time;

Factor 2: Some people may temporarily decrease their vision due to potential binocular diseases, but mistakenly wear myopia goggles due to the delayed condition, resulting in a sharp decrease in vision;

Factor three: refractive index is prohibited. If you wear high degree myopia glasses, it will definitely deepen your myopia;

Factor 4: There is no difference between true and false myopia. False myopia caused by excessive eye use does not require wearing glasses. Just pay attention to eye cleaning and train your eyes to recover;

Factor 5: Poor quality of glasses. Wearing substandard glasses can accelerate the development of myopia.

Wearing glasses accurately will not increase myopia

If myopia patients wear appropriate glasses and their vision can reach a normal level, they can decide whether to wear glasses based on their myopia degree, study, work, and other needs, as well as their eye usage and habits. However, it is usually recommended to wear glasses when they are unable to see clearly and tired.

Mild myopia patients (with a diopter of 300 or below) need to wear glasses when looking far away (such as when watching TV or in class), and they usually do not need to wear glasses when reading, writing, or looking close;

People with moderate myopia (diopter between 300 and 600) and accompanying astigmatism advocate wearing glasses frequently;

People with high myopia (refractive index above 600) should often wear glasses regardless of whether they have astigmatism or not.