There is a big difference between corneal shaping lenses and regular contact lenses!
Time:2018-12-25 17:43:28

Corneal reshaping lenses reduce myopia by symmetrically and gradually changing the central surface shape of the cornea. The effects of corneal reshaping surgery are temporary and recoverable, making it an effective and reversible treatment method for non surgical removal of myopia glasses. The control of myopia in adolescents and children has a good effect.

However, many parents still have doubts about corneal shaping lenses, simply believing that they are "contact lenses" that children are too young to wear. Is this really the case?

Corneal shaping lenses are very different from regular contact lenses

Corneal shaping lens: High oxygen permeable hard lens, worn at night, can have clear naked eye vision the next day without any glasses. Long term wearing has the effect of controlling myopia. Due to its high oxygen permeability and small diameter, as long as worn correctly, it is very healthy for the cornea. Suitable for wearing from young children to the elderly, especially for nearsighted teenagers, it has a good effect on controlling myopia.

Ordinary contact lenses: When worn during the day, due to their soft material, the oxygen permeability is much lower than that of hard lenses. Wearing glasses has the effect of correcting myopia, but not wearing them has no effect. Also, due to its low oxygen permeability, improper wearing can easily cause corneal inflammation, but it is more suitable for wearing.

What are the advantages of corneal shaping lenses?

1. Easy to wear. Wear it for 8 hours at night and do not wear glasses during the day;

2. No surgery required. No surgical trauma required, safe to wear;

3. Control myopia. Effectively controlling the deepening of myopia and achieving good visual correction effect;

4. Clear vision. No side effects such as glare, diffraction, and visual fatigue, clear and comfortable vision;

5. Safe and comfortable. High oxygen permeability lens material allows the cornea to breathe oxygen easily, reducing eye diseases;

6. Does not affect eye function. Tear exchange in the eyes is easy and free, and other eye functions are not affected;

7. Meet special professions. Can meet the visual requirements of athletes, actors, students, soldiers, etc;

8. Professional production. Accurate analysis of corneal topography, professional design, and precise production;

9. Care is simple. The nursing method is simple and has a long service life.